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We have helped numerous business owners sell all types and sizes of businesses and companies across various markets and industries, and we will do the same for you.

Our proof is in the pudding..

Our brokers follow a structured method that is proven to bring qualified buyers and offers to the table, while maintaining the confidentiality of the sale. We take pride in keeping the process of the sale and all transactions as discreet as possible.

At Empire, we don’t believe in the typical “Post and wait for a call” approach that almost all other brokers rely on. We know that you’ve worked hard to bring your business to its current level of success and that is why we work just as hard, if not harder, to sell your business.

Here’s an overview of our process.

  1. Analyzing the Business & Creating the Right Asking Price

    The first step is evaluation. We will give you a preliminary value of the business based on our knowledge of the current market, all information you provide us about the business and other similar comparables.

  2. Creating the Right Asking Price & Deal Structure

    The key to any sale is having realistic expectations, and understanding that a business is. worth what a buyer will pay for it. Once we’ve delivered our professional opinion of value, we can present different deal structures for you to consider. This will give us a good idea of what to look for when vetting our buyers.

  3. Marketing Development

    Our team will create compelling Confidential Offering Memorandums, strong Business Prospectuses and a marketing blue-print that are designed to stimulate the interest of buyers.

  4. Confidential Internet Promotion

    For certain businesses, an internet marketing strategy is a strong way to attract buyers. As we all know, everyone is on the internet these days. In addition to listing your business on our high traffic Empire Business website, we’ll place your business advertisement on more than 15 additional, industry leading websites that buyers are consistently active on. A buyer’s search begins online, and we must make sure they can find your business for sale.

  5. Execute Off-Line Marketing Strategies

    Here is where most of our buyers come from. We have a national (as well as international) network of potential buyers in our database that are actively looking for their next investment. Our network varies from individual buyers, to private equity groups, all the way to sizable strategic corporate buyers. We consistently keep tabs and timelines of each and every buyer we make contact with, so once when we get a business for sale there’s an immediate match. Additionally, our sales team is on the phone 24/7 making over 1,000 phone calls a day to our network of buyers to find any match between what they are looking for, and the businesses we have for sale.

  6. Screen Buyers

    Once we’ve executed out marketing strategies, it is almost instantly we have interested buyers. Our top priority in this step is to screen these buyers to see which of them are serious, have sufficient financial resources to perform, and are actually looking to close a deal. We need to find the best candidate that will not waste your time, nor ours.

  7. Evaluate Offers & Managing Negotiations

    We’ve designed our process to create the best offers from the most qualified buyers. At this point we’ll work with you to help you evaluate each offer to see which will be most beneficial to you. We’ll also be working with you to help execute strategic negotiations.

  8. Due Diligence

    Once we have an accepted offer, we will guide everyone through an easy transparent due diligence process. We’ll work with attorneys, accountants, lending institutions to help keep the process running as smooth and efficient as possible.

  9. Document Preparation & Closing

    Once due diligence is complete, the last step is closing. There will be a ton of information needed by multiple parties. We will assist you with the exchange of information with any attorneys, lenders, accountants, or landlords in order for a smooth transition.

  10. Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labor

    We’ve finally closed the deal. Congratulations! It is now time to finally relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor (Or explore a new business venture, we’ll help you with that too!).

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