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In normal times, the buying and/or selling of a business is a major accomplishment. It gives a first-time buyer the opportunity to control his own financial destiny and hopefully attain full financial freedom. It has boundaries that are limitless, fueled only by how much work one is willing to invest and by making the right decisions. The sky is truly the limit, and the pride that goes with ownership is not to be underestimated.It is also an exciting time for the seller. All the work and effort of building something, and watching it grow, is now bearing fruit. The hard work and countless hours spent has paid off.

But these are not normal times. These are times that we as a country have never experienced. It has affected nearly all of us. But there are still buyers out there. If you feel that you want to sell, or even if you want to know how much your business may be worth, we still have buyers and at the very least can guide you through a evaluation, allowing you to make an informed decision. So that even if the time is not right today, you will have a valid expectation when the time is right.Please be safe we wish you and your family safety and health

You have thought long and hard and have decided it is time to sell your business. You have worked long and hard and feel the timing is right. Maybe you are ready to spend more time with family, or travel to destinations you have only dreamt about. Maybe you just want to “cash out” and enjoy the fruits of your labor. So how are you going to proceed? And, do you need a professional business broker to give you the best chance? The answer is a resounding yes!
A seller who represents himself has a fool for a client. Maybe you’ve asked a supplier if he knows anyone who may be interested; maybe a customer. So when a name pops up and you have someone who appears interested, you get excited and emotional. This makes you a much less powerful negotiator.

Because a professional broker has many, many buyers that have been prequalified and vetted, he/she can negotiate on your behalf. The fact is, your broker is your protection. For example, suppose you accept an offer from a buyer. Per your agreement, he puts down a deposit and needs you to carry a note over time. You may not have the resources or the know how to inquire about his background, run a financial or do any of the hundreds of things that a broker would have done. If this happens and he goes out of business, which he very well may, you may never get that money

Suppose a prospective buyer back out or can’t get financed? Do you have a backup plan? Perception is reality. The value of a business is not only in the numbers but also in how you are perceived. If a deal goes south, it might be very uncomfortable for you to have to explain why your business has been on the market for so long, a scenario that, with a little due diligence, could have been avoided.

As important as it is for a buyer to use a broker, it is major league vital to work with a professional when selling your business.

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